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August 2012: Game Over, Just for the Moment. Part II /Game Over, Just for the Moment. Part III /Malditas canciones! /Obituario: Marvin Hamlisch /

July 2012: Back to Cordoba I: James Fitzpatrick / Back to Cordoba II: Ludovic BourceBack to Cordoba III: The Jerry Goldsmith Awards /PlayFest is Coming! / Back to Cordoba IV: Arturo Díez Boscovich /Back to Cordoba V: Land for Foreigners /Back to Cordoba VI: Richard Bellis /Decide por Arnau Bataller! /Back to Cordoba VII: Mikael Carlsson /Back to Cordoba VIII: Trevor Morris /Back to Cordoba IX: Cliff Martinez /Back to Cordoba X: Christopher Young /Back to Cordoba XI: Land of Promises /Nominaciones Premios Emmy /Back to Cordoba XII: Carles Cases /Back to Cordoba XIII: Murray Gold /Back to Cordoba XIV: Roque Baños /Back to Cordoba XV: Blake Neely /Back to Cordoba XVI: Mark Isham /Back to Cordoba XVII: The Party is Over /Game Over, Just for the Moment. Part I /

June 2012: The Spanish Connection May Balance /Noticias y novedades (1) / Advance: Oscar Araujo Returns to Castlevania / Bernardo Bonezzi at Home / Golden Film Songs: Georgy Girl / VIII Goya Awards: the Second Round / Golden Composers for Golden Cordoba / Hans Zimmer Returns to Madagascar / Diego Montesinos at Home / Luxury Concert in Cordoba Film Music Festival! / Taller de Creación Musical en Córdoba / Nominations for the VII Jerry Goldsmith Awards

May 2012: The Spanish Connection April Balance / Oscar 1974 / The Good Dream of Kristian Sensini / Noticias y novedades (4) / A 2004 Interview with Patrick Doyle / VI Goya Awards: Irony Won / Magia para la supermagia / Dimitri Tiomkin on TV / Noticias y novedades (11) / Oscar 1980 / Andre Previn Interviews Miklós Rózsa on TV / More composers to play at Play Fest / Alberto Iglesias at Home / Noticias y novedades (18) / VII Goya Awards: The Beginning of a Meteoric Career / John Williams Rehearsing with Luciano Pavarotti / Advance: The Aroma of the Classics /Golden Film Songs: The Man That Got Away / Noticias y novedades (25) / Resultados sorteos Bandas Sonoras / The Jerry Goldsmith Awards Are Coming! / Festival de Música de Cine en Córdoba /Oscar 1988 / Avance: Jorge Aliaga mira al pasado

April 2012: Nace un nuevo festival / Carles Cases invita a bailar / Avance: Frenético Vidal / The Spanish Connection atraviesa fronteras / Los zombis no tienen música / Iván Capillas encuentra alienígenas / Obituario: Gianni Marchetti / LP+DVD+BSO clásicos / Noticias y novedades (13) / IV Goya Awards: Typical Spanish Wins / Oscar 1972 / All That Jazz / Novedades en Play Fest / Noticias y novedades (20) / La grandeur de la France / V Goya Awards: The King Dethroned / Pascal Gaigne at Home / Caínes contra Abeles / Noticias y novedades (27) / A 2004 Interview with Maurice Jarre / Obituario: Joel Goldsmith

March 2012: The Spanish Connection February Balance / Advance: Vaíllo Goes West! / Remembering Ave Maria / Alternativas a la invisibilidad / Sergio Moure at Home / Advance: Jovani’s First Exam / Entrevista sobre un regreso con Bernardo Bonezzi / Cuando la montaña no va a Mahoma / I Goya Awards: The Year of the Absurd / Advance: Llopis Follows Evita / Remembering Camino / Advance: Zeltia Montes and the Free Lo/e / II Goya Awards: the Year of Simplicity / Advance: A Deleurian Touch / Música frágil para los inocentes / Novedades y proyectos (23) / Sabatés recrea los mundos de Chomón / Oscar Araujo at Home / III Goya Awards: Betweek Folklore and Preexisting / Del dolor al amor en un breve paso / The Spanish Connection March Balance

February, 2012: Advance: Music for Worlds Apart / Williams Tribute Through All Spain / A Passage to Nepal Interview with Pascal Gaigne / Zeltia Montes Wins at Garden State Film Festival / Bebo Valdés Wins the Gaudi Award / Remembering Bwana / Entrevista desde un punto de vista universal con Iván Palomares / Dos compositores entre lo amargo y lo dulce / IFMCA Goes Spanish Too! / Una entrevista entre luz y oscuridad con Manel Gil-Inglada / Remembering El Orfanato / Advance: Bataller Gives His Best to Eva / Una entrevista revelación con Lucas Vidal / Road to the Goya Awards: the Songs / Road to the Goya Awards: the Scores / Alberto Iglesias Wins His 10th Goya Award / Advance: Gaigne in the Medieval Age / Segunda oportunidad para Lisandro Rodríguez / Entrevista sobre un póker de ases con Arnau Bataller. Parte I / Entrevista sobre un póker de ases con Arnau Bataller. Parte II / Sergio Pena Does Not Play Jokes / Remembering Los Borgia / Una entrevista con partitura completa a Pascal Gaigne

January, 2012: Vote for the XI MundoBSO Awards! / Interview with David Doncel / IV Gaudi Awards Nominees / An Advance of a Gothic Score / Winners of the VI MundoBSO Awards / Deaf Goya / Advance: Sergio Moure Meets the Wolfman / Gaigne Goes Finnish! / Advance: Joan Valent Plays at Two Bands / Una cuestión de dignidad / A Matter of Dignity / A 3D Interview with Marc Vaillo / Advance: Music for the Goodness / Advance: Gaigne Travels to Nepal / Iglesias for the Baftas! / An Interview on Integrity with Joan Valent / Remembering Hector / A Look Back Without Anger with Bernardo Bonezzi / Remembering Morir o No / A Behind the Toast Interview with Ivan Llopis / Iglesias for the Oscar! / A Dreamed Short that Comes True / A Star is Reborn / Advance: Music for the Barcelona of WW I / A Not Wrinkled Interview with Nani Garcia / A Spanish Musical Contact with Final Fantasy / Remembering La madre muerta

December, 2011: There is a Reason / Iglesias, on the Race for the Oscar /Concert in Malaga / X MundoBSO Awards Announced!


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